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Prešporský Ultra Trail is an noncommercial event open for all ultra runners and long distance hikers, which would like to try a 103 km or 50 km course in the forests of Small Carpathians and Bratislava, make a good training before hard season's end in Czech Republic, or want to try their first 100 km ultratrail run or non-stop hike in easier conditions and terrain. The target is also to show the people the interesting running trails in Bratislava forest park and Small Carpathians. Last but not least - this event is for strengtening of the runners and hikers community, finding new friends and saying good bye to the 100 km events 2016 season in Slovakia. Prešporský Ultra Trail 2016 is a part of the 2nd edition of Slovak Ultratrail League.

Date: 22.-23. October 2016 (Saturday - Sunday)


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The event has been approved on 17.02.2015 by the district authorities based on landscape protection act nr. 543/2002 for the date 24.-25.10.2015 and for the last weekend in October until 1.11.2017.

Meeting and start: The meeting and start place is in the local house of culture in Dúbravka (town district of Bratislava) - Saratovská str. 2/A. Presentation is open between 06.00 and 06.50, collective start is at 07.00 morning.

Finish: House of culture Žarnovická str. 7 in Rača (town district of Bratislava).

Time limit: Time limit for completion of the 103 km course is 23 hours, for 50 km course it's 13 hours. Please calculate with presence of "live" checkpoint staff in time schedule for approximately 4,5 km/h as slowest average pace.

Number of participants: Limit for number of participants is 180 (90 for 103 km course and 90 for 50 km course).


Prešporský Dračí dvojboj:

The MINI-ULTRA (50 km) PUT course is part of the Prešporský Dračí dvojboj combination with the cross run Dračí kros, which will take place on Sunday 23. October 2016. More information about Prešporský Dračí dvojboj can be found HERE.

Start fee:

With exception of the Prešporský dračí dvojboj combination there is no mandatory start fee in PUT event. We will be thankful for any volutary fee, which you can give over either at start place or finish place.

A small experiment will be the possibility to contribute with refreshments instead of money :) - this will be used at refreshment points (aid stations). If you have the possibility to bake e.g. some cookies, sweet or salty muffins, vegan raw goodies or bring dried fruits, home made müsli or similar things useful for ultra refreshments, we will be happy :) In case you would like to contribute with such form of help, please let us know via e-mail to ultrapresporok@gmail.com in advance. Thank you :)


Plaquette for winner in every category, medals and hand-prizes for 1st - 3rd place in every category. Certificate of PUT completion for 103 km and 50 km course finishers.